Data Recovery

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Tallyn's Data Recovery services are available for all forms of media, whether that be your computer's hard drive, or an external media device (SD cards, CF cards and thumb drives, as well as external hard drives).

If you have accidentally reformatted, erased your media or cannot see your data, send your storage device to Tallyn's for full data recovery. We offer this service to give peace of mind to the photographers and computer users alike!

We have recovered data from computers old and new, SD cards, external hard drives, and a large variety of removable media. We have performed our service for police and fire departments, crime scene units, governmental agencies, and of course photographers!


Tallyn's in-house service comes with a No-Risk Guarantee, we only charge for a successful recovery!*


Tallyn's Digital Data Recovery

Includes all of the Following:

  • Quick Starting Analysis!  Most Data Recoveries are started the day they arrive at our facilities.
  • We begin with a full media scan to assess possible structural damage and analyze the likelihood of a successful recovery.
  • Next, a full media scan determines corrupted and irreparable files. We can fix some corrupted files!
  • From there, a full data-scan retrieves all the data previously saved on the device even after re-formatting.  (Note: If you continue to capture on the re-formatted card, you will begin to lose previous images stored on the disk. Please refrain from capturing on the card from which you would like to recover data.)
  • We will perform a "Full Diagnostics Test" on your card, looking for potential hardware problems. You will be given a pass or fail report for your individual media cards to let you know whether they are safe to use again or require replacement.
  • At your request, we can run an "Eraser Program" on your media that will wipe it totally clean.
  • We can also reformat your digital media, and perform a thorough scandisk to fix any errors that might have occurred on specific sectors.
  • All of the data retrieved will be transferred to the media of your choosing and returned to you via FedEx Ground.
  • We keep a hard copy of your data backed up at our facilities for a minimum of 30 days to protect against shipping loss, damage or persistent problems.

*Shipping of the device to and from Tallyn's is not included in the no-risk guarantee.

Media Card Data Recovery Pricing

Digital Flash Card Recovery (CF, SD, misc cards and thumb drives)
Up to 2GB: $95.00
4 GB: $150.00
8 GB: $200.00
16 GB: $265.00
32 GB: $295.00
64 GB: $325.00
128 GB: $400.00
*For sizes over 128 GB, please call for pricing*

CD and DVD Recovery
CD'S and DVD's : $150.00 each 

Hard Drive Pricing:
Quoted on a per-drive basis.
(see below)


If recovering a particular set of images or files from a flash card requires searching through multiple cards, there is $20 charge per card on top the standard recovery cost. For declined or unsuccessful recoveries, there is an $9.00 return shipping cost if you wish to have your card or drive returned to you.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Pricing

All Hard Drives, internal and external, are quoted on a per drive basis.  Please call 309-692-5005 for a quote!

Once you have accepted the quote and move forward with your hard drive data recovery, we will first do free diagnostics on your drive once it is received.  We will determine that the work to be done matches the initial quote, and confirm with you a firm estimate.  Once the amount is set, we will honor that price in all situations unless a Level 1 recovery is later determined to require Level 2 work.

Level 1 versus Level 2 recoveries depend on the severity of file corruption or physical damage to the drive. Level 1 work accounts for approx 80% of all recoveries and covers the recovery lost files and corrupted data tables. Level 2 work accounts for the remaining 20% and covers most instances of physical damage, failed logic boards and crashed read/write heads. Level 1 work is frequently completed within a week from being quoted. Level 2 work requires a minimum of two to three weeks.

Please Call 309-692-5005, Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM C.S.T. for a custom data recovery quote.


Fast Turnaround Times

We pride ourselves on providing you fast personal attention. On business days we guarantee that all data recoveries, are started within 24 hours of arrival at Tallyn's, frequently sooner. We maintain personal phone contact throughout the entire recovery process.

Our estimate turnaround times upon arrival of your media are as follows:
Data Recovery (Media Cards): 1-2 Days for Recovery
ata Recovery (Hard Drives): 1-5 Days for Recovery

Starting Your Recoveryrecoveryformbutton.png

Please print and fill out the form linked in the button above, then include it when shipping your recovery media to the address below.  Please be sure to send your media insured through FedEx or UPS for your own peace of mind, and use appropriately protective packaging.

Send your media and the completed recovery form to:

Tallyn's Professional Photographic Supply
c/o Digital Data Recovery Service - Scott Tallyn
1609 W. Detweiller Drive
Peoria, IL 61615

We charge around $9.00 return shipping for small media shipped UPS ground in the lower 48 states. We accept credit cards only as a method of payment for this service.

Please call 309-692-5005 Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM C.S.T. with any questions regarding Tallyn's data recovery services.