Hoodman Steel SDHC UHS-1 64GB

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Hoodman Steel SDHC UHS-1 64GB
Hoodman Steel SDHC UHS-1 64GB New UHS 'Ultra High Speed' SpecificationsHoodman RAW STEEL is a new, ruggedized, steel plated, SDHC card line designed to withstand the rigors of high performance photography & videography. Hoodman's new, miniature, chip-on-board technology, allows extra room for a reinforced internal housing structure that protects sensitive flash components from harm. The epoxy assembly process adds great strength, while making RAW STEEL waterproof too. Card Type: SDHC UHS-1 Capacity: 64GB Class Rating: Class 10 + UHS-1 Speed Class 1 Speed Rating: 300X Read Speed: 45mb/s Write Speed: 45mb/s Operating Temp: (-25-85 degrees C) Storage Temp: (-40-85 degrees C) Dimensions: .94 x 1.25 x .08" Build Type: Chip on Board Ruggedized: Steel Plated